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Keep Calm and Make a Print!

Hi Folks!

The time has come for a new blogpost, so here I am again. I guess everyone noticed, that I'm on Etsy not with all my works, although you may find plenty of exciting works there.

Sometimes it's very hard to decide which print would be popular there, so sometimes I do some research with uploading something new which may be attractive for many people. I'm also a true fan of Etsy since I admire craftmanship a lot believing that the future of commerce is this, in other words: back to basics. As I'm browsing the prints and graphic design (you can find awesome works out there) I often see "Keep Calm..." posters, which is fun. They are all funny interpretations from the original UK Goverment's "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters appearing on the streets of the United Kingdom during the WWII.

source: Wikipedia
From the years of 2000, this poster has become so popular as a wall decoration and since than many-many remakes has been done with funny call to action messages and different objects on top (replacing the original crown) referring to those.

So from now on I'm also creating "Keep Calm" posters with my own sense of humor hahaha. Really hope that many of you will like them. You can find the first one in my Etsy shop. It's also genuine murumuru, since the background will also be a crop from one of my pieces! ;)

AAAND Surpriiiise! 

I've created a very special one with a very special message. It's a PDF printable, so you can create your own poster. It's A4 size with 300 dpi so you have nothing more to do but create a photo or giclee print and put it on your wall! OMMMM! ;)

Download in PDF format from HERE

Preview of murumuru
Keep Calm downloadable

Please enjoy your print and share with others...

And finally: have an awesome day wherever you live in the World! ;)


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