2012. augusztus 12., vasárnap

Get Ready For The Celebration! First Birthday - First Giveaway!

Hello Friends,

It's now nearly 13/08/2012 2 hours left from 12th. Why is it important? (OK it's the ending of the XXX. Olympic Games in London, I know) Because last year on 12th of September we started murumuru with my honey who's giving the name to the site featuring my artworks. A lot of things happened since. First of all my style changed a lot from the beginning however it still remained very-very colorful with bold and clear colors. As every artist I'm also affraid a bit of retrospection. I'm always in love my latest work most and sincerely amazed when somebody pick an early work from me as his/her favorite. Otherwise, it feels so good of course while I'm amazed of it. As I've gone deeply under the skin of the software I'm using for digital painting and explored newer and newer levels of my self expression the initial facebook fan page has grown to nearly 1700 fans (to this day it's 1670).
I've started painting and designing as a hobby which transformed into a passion soon. By now I'm trying to earn my living by selling my images and while is not so easy and presumably I need to take some (at least a part time) job, it continously gives me so much joy and energy like nothing before...

A great success for me... Not a commercial success, "just" an inner success, I don't know whether it's self-realization or not, but surely something really satisfying.

So to answer my initial question shortly: exactly 1 month left from the BIIIG 1st murumuru Birthday! ;)

Although it's not really a birthday post don't be misled by the title...

It's a GIVEAWAY announcement! :-)

So let's get ready for the first birthday of murumuru!;) I've got some cool giveaways for you. I'll randomly select 4 lucky winners for my murumuru goodies with the well-known web-software: rafflecopter.

And here comes the prizes below.

1st prize:
 - my signed numbered matted giclée print the "Colorcircle" 13 x 13 cm | 5,1" x 5,1" (measures without mat)

+ three 2nd prizes ;) :
- signed and numbered collectable giclée ACEO prints (3 pcs) which has the standard size of a baseball card (2.5" x 3.5"). (Never heard about ACEOs? Check out them here!)

Of course these precious prizes need some actions the winners must do!

What is mandatory for participating?

1) Be (or become) a Facebook fan of my page!

2) Answer the question below HERE under THIS blogpost by commenting it:
"What do you like about murumuru works? Which is your favorite piece?"

How to multiply your chances by optional activity?

3) Follow me on Twitter (@murumuruart)!

4) Tweet about this giveaway!

5) Heart my shop on Etsy!

So get ready and ENTER HERE by following the instructions

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is from 13/08/2012 till 13/09/2012. All the winners will be notified via e-mail or facebook.

Wish you a all a very good luck, let's celebrate murumuru's first birthday together.

If you're interested in my work, check out my brand new webpage too!

Wish you an awesome day wherever you live in the World!