2013. november 29., péntek

Murumuru Art on Society6

Hi Friends,

Let me invite you to visit my Society6 shop - where you can find and order goodies with one of my favorite pic: "Happy Morning" as IPhone Case, Laptop Skin, Canvas Tote Bag,  Stationary Cards, Throw Pillow and NEW: Onesies for Babies!!! :)

Happy Morning - Peter Foti - Murumuru Art

Let me invite you to visit my Society6 shop - where you can find and order goodies with one of my favorite pic: "Happy Morning" as IPhone Case, Laptop Skin, Canvas Tote Bag,  Stationary Cards, Throw Pillow and NEW: Onesies for Babies!!! :)

Plus: thru CYBER MONDAY worldwide FREE SHIPPING!
Great christmas gift ideas! :)

Click here: http://society6.com/murumuru/Happy-Morning-by-murumuru_Print#1=45

Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers, Peter

2013. február 15., péntek

Color Explosion

Hi Friends!!! :)

Let me share a great treasury with you featuring my lovely "Friendly Storm" digital painting pic <3
Many thanks Kimmie from RedMothShop !!! :)

"Ladies and Gentlemen , this is a Public Service Announcement to let you know that a color explosion has been reported in your area . Please remain calm and allow the vibrant color to brighten your world ."

Color Explosions

Source: etsy.com via Dorottya on Pinterest

Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)

2012. augusztus 12., vasárnap

Get Ready For The Celebration! First Birthday - First Giveaway!

Hello Friends,

It's now nearly 13/08/2012 2 hours left from 12th. Why is it important? (OK it's the ending of the XXX. Olympic Games in London, I know) Because last year on 12th of September we started murumuru with my honey who's giving the name to the site featuring my artworks. A lot of things happened since. First of all my style changed a lot from the beginning however it still remained very-very colorful with bold and clear colors. As every artist I'm also affraid a bit of retrospection. I'm always in love my latest work most and sincerely amazed when somebody pick an early work from me as his/her favorite. Otherwise, it feels so good of course while I'm amazed of it. As I've gone deeply under the skin of the software I'm using for digital painting and explored newer and newer levels of my self expression the initial facebook fan page has grown to nearly 1700 fans (to this day it's 1670).
I've started painting and designing as a hobby which transformed into a passion soon. By now I'm trying to earn my living by selling my images and while is not so easy and presumably I need to take some (at least a part time) job, it continously gives me so much joy and energy like nothing before...

A great success for me... Not a commercial success, "just" an inner success, I don't know whether it's self-realization or not, but surely something really satisfying.

So to answer my initial question shortly: exactly 1 month left from the BIIIG 1st murumuru Birthday! ;)

Although it's not really a birthday post don't be misled by the title...

It's a GIVEAWAY announcement! :-)

So let's get ready for the first birthday of murumuru!;) I've got some cool giveaways for you. I'll randomly select 4 lucky winners for my murumuru goodies with the well-known web-software: rafflecopter.

And here comes the prizes below.

1st prize:
 - my signed numbered matted giclée print the "Colorcircle" 13 x 13 cm | 5,1" x 5,1" (measures without mat)

+ three 2nd prizes ;) :
- signed and numbered collectable giclée ACEO prints (3 pcs) which has the standard size of a baseball card (2.5" x 3.5"). (Never heard about ACEOs? Check out them here!)

Of course these precious prizes need some actions the winners must do!

What is mandatory for participating?

1) Be (or become) a Facebook fan of my page!

2) Answer the question below HERE under THIS blogpost by commenting it:
"What do you like about murumuru works? Which is your favorite piece?"

How to multiply your chances by optional activity?

3) Follow me on Twitter (@murumuruart)!

4) Tweet about this giveaway!

5) Heart my shop on Etsy!

So get ready and ENTER HERE by following the instructions

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is from 13/08/2012 till 13/09/2012. All the winners will be notified via e-mail or facebook.

Wish you a all a very good luck, let's celebrate murumuru's first birthday together.

If you're interested in my work, check out my brand new webpage too!

Wish you an awesome day wherever you live in the World!


2012. július 26., csütörtök

Keep Calm and Make a Print!

Hi Folks!

The time has come for a new blogpost, so here I am again. I guess everyone noticed, that I'm on Etsy not with all my works, although you may find plenty of exciting works there.

Sometimes it's very hard to decide which print would be popular there, so sometimes I do some research with uploading something new which may be attractive for many people. I'm also a true fan of Etsy since I admire craftmanship a lot believing that the future of commerce is this, in other words: back to basics. As I'm browsing the prints and graphic design (you can find awesome works out there) I often see "Keep Calm..." posters, which is fun. They are all funny interpretations from the original UK Goverment's "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters appearing on the streets of the United Kingdom during the WWII.

source: Wikipedia
From the years of 2000, this poster has become so popular as a wall decoration and since than many-many remakes has been done with funny call to action messages and different objects on top (replacing the original crown) referring to those.

So from now on I'm also creating "Keep Calm" posters with my own sense of humor hahaha. Really hope that many of you will like them. You can find the first one in my Etsy shop. It's also genuine murumuru, since the background will also be a crop from one of my pieces! ;)

AAAND Surpriiiise! 

I've created a very special one with a very special message. It's a PDF printable, so you can create your own poster. It's A4 size with 300 dpi so you have nothing more to do but create a photo or giclee print and put it on your wall! OMMMM! ;)

Download in PDF format from HERE

Preview of murumuru
Keep Calm downloadable

Please enjoy your print and share with others...

And finally: have an awesome day wherever you live in the World! ;)


2012. július 17., kedd

Time For Some (Social) Marketing! ;)

Yes, an offtopic... right for the second time. Ok it's related to my sales activity and hope it'll be useful to many of you: I guess a lot of Artist Friends are going to have a look at this post as well, so (as a mareting professional...) now I'd like to show you my new Facebook tab application I've just finished configure.

As an artist besides creating pretty exciting works we must advertise our pieces and make louder and louder buzz every time to get some spotlight and let people "start spreading the news" about our works and our existence at all. I realized the imporance of it this year, when I really wanted to go beyond the borders and reach those people out there which aren't connected to me or to my friends anyway however are excellent potential customers of my art. We also do want to sell our works and of course earn money with it so must focus on marketing whethet we like it or not.

So since the beginning of this year I'm continously making efforts to spread my links throughout the net to "leave my footprints" wherever I stop by and link my on-line places together in any imaginable way to direct as much people as I can to my sites. Converging your channels together is very important and since my first and most important base is my Facebook site I've been seeking intensively for the most elegant solution how to direct more traffic to my Etsy shop.

I think the appreciation fan loyality is one of the best methods to engage your future customers so I decided to make a coupon code at Etsy for my kind Facebook fans to reward their status! It's not only an ignition for your on-line sales, but this is also a great opportunity for encouraging people to "like" your page for checking your promise and reveal that what's your offer for them!

Good news that finally I've find the perfect solution for Facebook couponing. It's Woobox's  application and VERY well customizable! It's quite new, I've find it on appbistro.
So enoug talking... Here it is working on murumuru's Facebook page, it's now up and running from today! Tadaaam!

Join and see how it's working... and of course I'd love to have you as a murumuru fan! ;)

Have an awesome day wherever you live on the Planet!


2012. július 15., vasárnap

The Very First One

Hello Everybody!

My name is Peter Foti and I'm a visual artist creating digital paintings and many more; e.g. photographs. Murumuru is mainly about my paintings and graphic designs, although I reserve the right of posting some off-topic stuff as well sometimes! ;)

Some say that blogging is kinda useless old fashion thing nowadays and twitter and facebook covers all the communication channels one should keep... I was one of those "some" I admit... Until now! ;))

I also had blogs in the past on various interests in Hungarian (which is my mothertounge) and the longest run one was about 1,5 yr old when I finished updating... I hope this one will be the longest lasting diary among all since this is about a very intimate thing, my own art which reflects me (together with my soul, haha) in a very sincere and direct way!

The goal of this blog is to be a detailed background for my main site with stories and some trivia. My no.1 site is simply my facebook fan page I've found fb the best solution to communicate at the very beginning. Well, if you have a look you'll see that I'm not a highly communicative guy there which is in spite of my real personality, but the concept is: "let my works talk" I leave the blah-blah for this blog, so to be serious, I know that my audience has been starving for a blog like until this day LoL.

Sooo, as this is the very first murumuru art blogpost finally read my "full story" about "the beginings". Do not affraid I won't reach back to Adam's rotten apple...

As far as I remember my first "artworks" born in the nursery on lazy afternoons when I draw a lot of heavily armored knights fighting each other on their horses... fortunately I left these "epic" and really bloody scenes soon, maybe they belonged to my previous lives, LoL. So then as a child I was a comic addict and of course amazed by the world of Walt Disney, the Hannah-Barbera duo (loved the Flinstones, Jetsons and certainly Tom &Jerry) but I also adored Bugs Bunny and his folks, even the "Space Jam"... :)
I also made a lot of drawing, invented some cute characters and created some comics. Later on explored painters like Miro, Dalí and Picasso (which I still love and I think it won't change for this lifespan), I was fallen in love with photography and music, shooting a lot while studying some flamenco tunes and hard rock riffs (besides collecting many kind of guitars...), later I changed the half of my guitars to piano. 
And after a long-long break last year, I've decided to purchase a digital tablet to continue drawing now with my computer which gives my much more freedom. I literally suddenly realized that how great gift digital painting is: after I unfold this small piece of hardware and started drawing, painting immediately. I wasn't able to have even a short break so a couple of hours later, about 1 or 2 o'clock a.m., I've finished my very first piece, which is today's pick as well (what could it be other than that for my first post?).

It measures 19" x 10" and called simply "Dusk" and this is maybe the only one has been painted in (only) 72 dpi, so sorry for the small size of this resized version I really don't like watermarks and I didn't want to upload it in its full size...

Although If you're totally new to my art I suggest you to check out murumuru on Facebook by following the link above. There you'll se totally different works as now I'm mainly an abstract artist... Anyway, I would like you to witness my very first step and I hope you'll all enjoy! ;)

Thanks for your visit and hope you enjoyed my "very first" as I did this little storytelling. Stay tuned on my art ! I'd love to see you on my facebook page which is my "headquaters" @ www.facebook.com/murumuru.hu and you can also follow me on twitter: #murumuruart.

Well worth stopping by at my printshop at Etsy  at murumuruart.etsy.com you'll find some pretty nice pieces there and also some exclusive nursery art prints for the smallest!;)

If you're interested in my photography I mentioned a few times, I recommend you to have a closer look of my shots on Fine Art America, where you purchase them as well:

So that's all for now Friends, see you soon and have an awesome day wherever you live on the Planet! ;)